Agnes Arber Rhubarb

A delightful twist on the original, we introduced a splash of colour and the luscious tartness of rhubarb flavour. After distillation, the original Agnes Arber Premium Gin is infused with rhubarb juice yet remains full strength at 41.6% ABV.

Appearing clear with a soft hue of strawberry blush, it’s an ideal flavour to take you from spring to summer and includes intense, bold flavours including grapefruit, tropical and strawberry.

Whilst sharp citrus flavours initially present themselves, they are closely followed by a tart rhubarb and finished with soft and sweet strawberry flavours.

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Our recommended simple serve:

Arber Rhubarb & Ginger Ale
  • 50ml Agnes Arber Rhubarb Gin
  • Ginger Ale
  • A wheel of grapefruit

A perfect pairing, simply add ice, garnish with a wheel of grapefruit and enjoy!

Available in 5cl and 70cl bottles

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